What is a Pay Stub? What to Include on an Employee Pay Stub

what is a pay stub

A paycheque is a physical cheque that you receive when paid, assuming you haven’t signed up for direct deposit with your employer. Once you receive the cheque, it is up to you to deposit it into an account at your chosen financial institution.

what is a pay stub

Add the number of hours available at the beginning of the pay period, the number of hours used during the pay period, and put in the same number in the Total used PTO column. Don’t forget to fill out the Bonus column — and, immediately after, you’ll see the gross earnings automatically calculated. First, start by downloading the template and adding the required company information.

Do Employers Have to Provide a Pay Stub?

Common pay stub deductions include federal and state income tax, as well as Social Security. These federal and state withholdings account for much of the difference between your gross income and net income. There may be other deductions as well, depending on the programs that you sign up for with your employer. You can easily make a personalized and professional check stub using a customizable check stub template, also known as a pay stub template. If you use monday.com’s Work OS, you can customize all columns, labels, and more with recommendations based on real-world use. Imagine creating a new pay stub document for each employee, every payroll period.

Still, it’s good to have a record of each payroll period and paycheck, should that information be called into question. Some states, like Georgia and Florida, don’t require employers to provide pay stubs. In those states, it’s the employer’s what is a pay stub right to decide if they should issue pay stubs. But even among states that require pay stubs, there are discrepancies in the details. You’ll want to review your state’s laws to make sure your business is compliant with issuing pay stubs.

Experiencing Pay Stub Problems?

Many professional employer organization services do the payroll for you and will provide employees with a pay stub so that you don’t have to do the work of creating it on your own. Many companies list codes on their paycheck specific to how they do business or the benefits they offer to employees. For example, some businesses may list health insurance as HS while others may call it HI. Unions, savings funds, pensions, organizations and companies all have their own codes too, any of which could appear on your paycheck, depending on your circumstances.

However, these templates are readily available and easy to use even if you have zero accounting experience. Again, employer contributions should be listed for both the individual pay period and the total contributions for year-to-date. Include both the pay period net pay and year-to-date net pay on the check stub. An employee’s net pay is also called their “take-home pay” because that’s the amount of money they actually receive in each paycheck. Employers may also make deductions for things like insurance premiums or loans that the employee benefits from. Hiring international talent, you need to know what’s required by law in each country or state your employees work from.

Is a pay stub the same as a paycheck?

A pay stub provides a set of information related to the employee’s final pay. Given below are some set of information that is included on a pay stub.

What Is a Pay Stub and Why Is It Necessary for Your Small Business? – The Southern Maryland Chronicle

What Is a Pay Stub and Why Is It Necessary for Your Small Business?.

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If employees are paid by direct deposit to their bank account, the pay slip should be available online to print, if a paper copy isn’t provided by the employer. One of the benefits of choosing an online service is that employees simply need an email address to access their own portal. Here they can add direct deposit information, print pay stubs, and access a past pay period. A pay stub example you see online will have varying information from the one you choose. The important thing is that the pay stub accurately shows major details like gross pay, major deductions, employer contributions, and net wages. But manually tracking all the information you need to include on pay stubs is a time-consuming hassle.

Hours and Earnings

Companies must therefore understand that requirements for paychecks will vary depending on the country. Paystubs are important because they lay out information about an employee’s wage during a certain period of time. They are useful to help avoid any confusion or disputes regarding pay as they clearly outline where percentages of the wage are being deducted and why. Depending on the locality, different requirements are expected to be met when it comes to paystubs, although generally the same kind of information should be included.

  • However, some employers still use physical paychecks, in which case, paper pay stubs are typically attached via perforation.
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  • It’s a good practice to provide pay stubs since it’ll save you from many administrative headaches.
  • On the other hand, a pay stub is a slip of paper that has all the details about the money you earned, how your wages are calculated, and any tax deductions.
  • Conquer paperwork in the office and put tools like time tracking, PTO, and more on the job site with one easy-to-use, mobile-ready HR system.
  • A health savings account is another way to put pre-tax dollars aside in a special account for medical expenses.
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Get up and running with free payroll setup, and enjoy free expert support. In most jurisdictions, you are legally entitled to see your pay stub. We work closely with all our clients to work out what is best for them to successfully manage their international workforce. Do not hesitate tocontactus for further information on global payroll. Now we’ve covered what a pay stub is and how to read one, let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions. Pay stubs can look very different from country to country as each jurisdiction has unique requirements of what information they should include.

This will tell your employer how much money to deduct from your check for taxes and benefit contributions. If you have questions about any of the items on your pay slip, check with your manager or company’s Human Resources department for clarification. They can advise you on your current deductions and on how to make changes to what is withheld from your gross pay. They may also show other employee information such as the amount of vacation time owed or used. Pay stubs are also known as payslips, paycheck stubs, or pay advice. If you’re new to payroll as an employer, making sure you calculate everything correctly might seem overwhelming at first. You’ve experienced payroll as an employee, but now you’re the one in control.

If you’ve been wondering whether you’re required to issue pay stubs, perhaps you’ll be surprised to find that it depends on the location of your business. The pay stub must detail all hours worked, and the rate of pay earned https://www.bookstime.com/ for each hour. Some workers, including those covered by union contracts, must be paid a specific rate of pay for overtime or double-time hours. Employees should keep their most recent pay stubs as proof of income.